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Sunday, February 26, 2006


So I've got two pupils [funny dont you think? since I barely know what I'm doing myself]. Fun stuff. Spent most of band practice knitting.

So, I've spent the last couple of days perfecting my purl stitch [I'm also working on knitting a little looser so that my yarn doesn't curl when I'm finished]. I also learned how to bind off in a knit.

The book tried to teach me how to bind off part of a row, but it confused the hell out of me so I had to quiz all my LJ communities and MySpace groups. I finally got like 2 good explanations, so it's all good now.

Over the next few days I intend to learn how to bind off in a purl stitch, learn the slip stitch, as well as start my learning in the art of decreasing my stitches.

I found an old binder from last year, I started printing out patterns for use later when I get a lot better. I understand its a bit early, however, I'm just overly excited to start knitting actual projects. Once I get my practice projects [listed on the side] over with I can get to the stuff I really want to do. I'm doing the crappy practice projects simply because I'm hoping during the course of these I'll not only read to learn patterns accurately, but my knitting will become extremely better looking as well, so that when I do get to the projects I want to do they will turn out nicer than if I had skipped the practice projects.

Fun =) I'm way addicted to knitting.

OH, and a note on the Knitting Olympics. I really wish I had started knitting earlier so I could have participated it sounds like so much fun! I understand they finished today? Good luck to everyone who entered =) And those who forgot to enter but are doing it anyway. Hopefully the next Knitting Olympics around I'll be able to participate!

The above picture if my patch I'm purling for when I learn how to bind off in purl. I havent bound off yet simply because I wanted to practice the purl stitch before moving on.


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