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Sunday, March 12, 2006


So I've been a busy bee. I've gone through all the basics of knitting. Eventually I plan to convert to continental knitting, and learn how to cable, intarsia, knitting in the round and double knitting. When my needle set comes in the mail I'll finally be able to start my first project which is the scarf [I think I mentioned that already]. It's exciting. Lots of plans have been boiling up in the past month or so in the means of knitting!!!

Besides the crapload of personal projects I intend to knit for myself, I fully intend to use my knitting knowledge for the good of humanity. For gifts for my friends and family as well as charity knitting [which I've mentioned already]. I also plan to join a few knitalongs in the future so I can have some fun with the knitting community making cool stuff [and if I get stuck I can ask everyone else whos knitting the same thing!] Also, in the distant future me and my now knitting buddies [Sarah, Tara and Genevieve] are going to start making our own patterns and selling our stuff online. We'll probably end up selling both patterns and actual unique knitted projects at relatively affordable prices and of every size for every type of person. We will call that project QUARANTINE.

My yarn is lonely. Just sitting there unused. I hope my needle set comes soon.


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